Council Tool Woodcraft Pack Axe - 2 lb, 24''

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Best balanced axe you'll ever pick up.

Council Tool has been making quality axes in eastern North Carolina for over 130 years. This Woodcraft axe takes Scandinavian influence and marries it with an American-manufactured Hudson Bay-style head for a well-balanced, sharp, durable axe that is unbelievably well balanced. You could easily swing it with one hand, making it perfect for felling trees, limbing, and light splitting jobs. The 2 pound head has enough heft for such work, and the 24" handle makes it handle like a larger felling axe but easier to swing. Additionally, the Woodcraft is much easier to maintain in the field than other axes thanks to its flat-grind bevel -- all it takes is a pocket stone! You cannot get a better all-around axe for the money. Ask the pros, they know.

Head Material: 5160 Steel
Head Weight: 2 lb
Handle Length: 24"
Handle Material: American Hickory
Comes with leather mask for blade
Made in the USA

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