The Carving Set Ironwood

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Knife Art for The Dining Table

New West knives are meant to be seen and enjoyed, and the kitchen just isn't enough. This shaving sharp carving set is made with high performance, American made materials. It's the perfect way to honor the hours of effort and attention that go into a beautiful meal - perfectly sliced meats and an elegant serving experience.

Please note: Ironwood is a natural material; wood grain and color can vary greatly.

The Carving Fork: Ergonomic Design, High Performance

New West's answer to the perfect carving fork has a full-sized ergonomic grip made from high strength Desert Ironwood. With 440C stainless steel and a full tang, this fork offers durability and leverage for carving proteins large and small.

The Chris Kidder Chef: Chef Knife for the "Chef's Chef"

This uber-knife was designed with Chris Kidder, a Los Angeles uber-Chef who currently works as a personal chef and caterer to A-list celebrities and top political officials. In an article in the LA Times, he was referred to as LA’s “Chef’s Chef” for his long tenure as Chef de Cuisine at Campanile, the James Beard Award winning “standard” for Southern California cuisine.

Chris is the brother-in-law of New West founder, Corey Milligan. Milligan says “I’ve been honing my cooking skills with Chris ever since we made breakfast for a college party all nighter while drinking green beer on St Patrick's Day. I finally had to break down and make this gigantic knife for him so I could get him to use one of my knives all day, everyday. In the kitchen, he’s not easy to please.” Learn More

Agility Meets Might in Blade Design

New West KnifeWorks' Chris Kidder is the ultimate chef knife. Don't be intimidated by the size of this knife, the extra length adds leverage for slicing everything from sushi to meats, soft ripe vegetables or crusty bread. This knife can perform all the chopping, dicing and general purpose work of a chef knife while having the added length to cleanly slice the softest food in one long stroke.

S35VN Steel: America’s Best

Like cooking, making knives depends on using the best ingredients. New West KnifeWorks' knives feature the highest performing knife steel on the market-- S35VN “Powder Metal” steel. This high carbon, alloyed steel has it all: elite sharpness, toughness, edge-holding, stain resistance and sharpenability. These knives are made in the US with American steel and backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Knife Dimensions:

Blade Length 11.7 inches  
Overall Length 17 inches  
Max blade width 1.75 inches  
Steel thickness .160 inches  
Blade thickness .095-.030 inches  
Weight 8.64 oz  
Steel Type

Crucible CPM S35VN Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel HRC 59-60