Slotted Fish Spatula Ironwood

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Fish Flipper Extraordinaire
For those who enjoy cooking seafood, the dreaded "flipping" of the fish can foil the finest fillet. Long, thin, and extremely flexible, our slotted spatula will have you flipping like a pro whether it's delicate fillets, whole fish, or your own Maryland crab cakes.

More Than Fish: A Virtuoso of Versatility 
Don't let the name fool you, the fish spatula is the "utility knife" of spatulas. Of course, it's great for flipping fish, stirring, and cutting-- but the thin profile also makes it fantastic for easily slipping under omelets, pancakes, and latkes. The grippy handle provides heft if you need to flip heavier foods while the flexible metal is extra dexterous when dealing with delicacies. If you only have one spatula in your kit, this is your best bet- it even doubles as a slotted spoon in a pinch.  

Desert Ironwood
Please note: this is a natural material and each handle will have unique grain patterns. After months of testing various hardwoods and laminate woods for durability, water resistance, and overall look and feel, the richly textured desert ironwood rose to the top.

To care for this material, we recommend avoiding harsh soaps or solvents on the handle. The deep colors and rich shine quickly come back to life with a bit of mineral oil applied with a soft cloth.

Overall length: 11.0"
Spatula length: 6.5"
Spatula width: 3.0"

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