Schenk Muskox Elmax

On paper this knife is a workhorse. At 8.5'' The Fat Boy is willing and able to prove it can handle any field job. If you consider yourself a big game hunter this should be and will be your last knife. Wide Blade surface area, rough and tough Elmax steel leads to America's Pride and Joy skinning blade. It doesn't matter the continent or the animal, Schenk's Fat Boy wants the work. Think big: Moose, Bear, Hippo.

For over 40 years the Schenk Family has been perfecting the art of steel manufacturing in their hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Experts in handcrafting and forging high performance steels, The Schenk Family are the Nation's premier knife specialists. Schenk Knives proudly introduces its line of high performance hunting and tactical knives.

Product Detail

Handle Material:

Black and Grey G-10

Blade Shape:

Straight Back Blade

Pine Type:

G-10 Pin with 4-Epoxy

Overall Length:


Blade Length:


Blade With:


Blade Thickness


Blade Thickness: