Rock Block 8pc G-Fusion Steak Knife Block

Artisan Knife Blocks: Rock Block 8pc Steak Knife Block

Materials: Snake River Granite Stone, Aluminum, Maple, and Walnut. Polished Base and Top.

This Rock block is specifically designed to hold eight New West KnifeWorks chef knives. All eight knives are resting in fitted wooden slots.

Set includes 8 New West KnifeWorks Steak Knives.

If you would like to order knives in a specific assortment of colors please indicate your color preference(s) in the order notes at check out.

Design Notes:
Harvested directly from the local Snake River, these stones are all quartz based variations of granite. Each rock is chosen by hand and then cut using an 18" diamond saw that Erin Hemmings, New West KnifeWorks' Head of Production, conceived of and built specifically to create our unique Rock Blocks. In this process the saw uses gravity to lower a swing arm into the stone while the stone is rotated. Through much research, we have found no similar saw or process in existence - nor knife blocks that exhibit such power and beauty.

G-Fusion Steak Knives

Functional Art: "As beautiful as it is useful." NY Times
Don't let the colors fool you, these stylish steak knives cut even better than they look. The unique blade has serration where it's needed to protect the edge from cutting on hard ceramic plates, with razor sharp straight edges to finish the cut. Our 2.0 steak knife features a super thin plunge ground blade and tapered tang for incredible cutting ability and balance.

The classy, sustainably harvested teak box is handcrafted and made for display while keeping the knives in peak shape.

G-Fusion: Vibrant Color, Serious Performance.
Comprised of glass-woven fabric impregnated with an epoxy resin, G10 is smooth, user friendly, and extremely light weight. Durable and strong, G10 was first used in the electronics industry because of its minimal water absorption rate, heat resistance and excellent dielectric properties. The material is hand-shaped and polished around the knife tang and as the material is ground away, layers of color reveal themselves in resplendent patterns. The results are colors which seem to live and dance on a handle that is virtually indestructible.

USA steel: the cutting edge is American made.
For the last several decades, innovation in high tech sectors has led to the development of new super-steels. The ultimate steak knife requires elite edge holding and high stain resistance. 440C provides the best fusion of these elements, resulting in knives that stay sharp and beautiful on the table.

For a more rustic taste: Ironwood Steak Knife Set

Blade Length 3.25 inches
Overall Length 8.5 inches
Max blade width .75 inches
Steel thickness .120 inches
Blade thickness .075 inches
Weight 2.4 ounces
Steel Type 440c

What our Friends are Saying:

Veranda Magazine: "The wares at New West are beautifully handmade.... It is my son's favorite store."
Food & Wine and Chef Matt Molina : "Best steak knives ... elegant blades ... unlike most steak knives, these won't shred your dinner."

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