Outfitter Semi-Custom- Spalted Maple Burl

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This special edition semi-custom outfitter takes our favorite hunting knife and adds a unique touch to the scales. Quantity 1 of 1, this knife was made in our shop with spalted maple burl handle scales and our classic CPM S35VN steel blade

Jackson Hole is a premier hunting destination worthy of a superior hunting knife. NWKW has created the ideal backcountry hunting knife with a blade big enough for everything the deep woods of the Snake River Range demands, but compact enough to pack in with ease. Although it is most at home belly deep inside an elk carcass within the Teton Wilderness or skinning a speed goat on the flats of Sublette County, it will also serve you well as a ranch or camp knife.

Developed in collaboration with local professional outfitters, NWKW has created something unique and tailored to the needs of the Jackson Hole hunter. The handle is shortened to make it less cumbersome inside a carcass and the fitted leather belt sheath is easy in-and-out but holds the knife securely when things turn into a rodeo. The details are what counts and the extended choil will prevent your blood-soaked hands from slipping forward onto the blade. The addition of a lanyard hole for a p-cord loop eliminates struggling to pull it from its leather belt sheath if your hands are slick with blood.

Most knives start to dull after the first kill but The Outfitter will continue to cut with razor-sharp accuracy. Once it does need sharpening, the addition of the Spanish ricasso makes at home or backcountry sharpening no problem.

Full Grain Leather Sheath included.

Blade Length

3.75 inches

Overall Length

8 inches

Steel Type

CPM S35VN Powder Metal

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