Box Elder Bold Twist High Polish Damascus Chef

Our one-of-a-kind chef knives exhibit the peak of our knife art capabilities, and when our damascus knives come together in a set, they are all the more striking to behold and handle. These hand-forged, one-of-a-kind knives come shaving sharp and ready for kitchen use. Every aspect of the knife is handmade and hand finished, from forging the Damascus steel billet to hand-shaping the handle to fitting the mosaic pins. The forged, pattern welded 1095 and 15N20 steel has incredible edge holding and sharpenability. This knife is a treasure to be enjoyed for slicing and dicing as well as as the art piece that it truly is.

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THESE KNIVES ARE MADE FROM CARBON TOOL STEEL AND REQUIRE EXTRA CARE TO PROTECT THEIR LONGEVITY. Be sure to hand wash with mild soap - do not soak, promptly hand dry, and apply a light coating of mineral oil to the blade and handle every few weeks.

Product Detail

Damascus Type:

Bold Twist High Polish Damascus - 15N20 steel & 1095 steel

Handle Material:

Box Elder

Blade Shape:


Bolster Material:


Pin Type:


Overall Length:


Blade Length:


Blade Width:


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