Tukudeka (Mountain Sheepeater)

This hand-forged, custom, and one-of-a-kind knife comes shaving sharp with a perfectly fitted hand-tooled sheath. Every aspect of the knife is handmade and hand finished, from forging the Damascus steel billet to hand-shaping the handle to hand-tooling the leather sheath. The forged, pattern welded 1095 and 15N20 steel has incredible edge holding and sharpenability. It is treasure to be enjoyed in the field or hung on a wall as the art piece that it truly is. More about NWKW Custom Knives

THESE KNIVES ARE MADE FROM CARBON TOOL STEEL AND REQUIRE EXTRA CARE TO PROTECT THEM FROM RUST. Use will increase the contrast between high nickel 15N20 steel and the 1095 steel thus evolving the beauty of this handmade product.

Product Detail - Tukudeka (Mountain Sheepeater) 105A

Damascus Type:

Topographic San Mai Damascus
1095 Tool Steel & 15N20 Steel

Handle Material:

Giraffe Bone & Redwood

Blade Shape:

Drop Point Skinner

Bolster Material:


Pin Type:


Overall Length:


Blade Length:


Blade Width:


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