Nate Summers - Custom 9" GoMai Chef Knife

Steel: 1095/Nickel GoMai Damascus 
Handle: Black Palm
Overall length- 14"
Blade length- 8.5"
Blade height at choil- 2"

Location- West Jordan, UT
Where We Bought it- Blade Show West 2023

Includes protective zippered pouch.

I have been bladesmithing for a long time. I have always dreamed of being good enough as an artist to make a living doing so, and I practiced my craft as though that was always the final destination. 

My life had been changing very rapidly, and I won an episode of the show Forged in Fire in 2017. During filming, I had a powerful, emotional epiphany: I put all this time and passion into learning how to make blades, what good was it if I did nothing with it? 

To me, it was an honest moment, a realization of my desire to continue to build and create. After winning, there was a belief from myself that I could succeed in bladesmithing for a living.

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