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MTN Man Trapper Vest

MTN Man Trapper Vest

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MTN Man Trapper Vest

This vest is straight out of Jackson Hole. It represents the MTN Man -- from the earliest trappers to the cowboy days, right up through the modern MTN Men who thrive in JH today. The combination of waxed cotton and beaver-fur construction is the ultimate in durability, comfort, warmth, and straight up badass-ness. The heavy cotton work-vest is industry standard for carpenters, ranchers, boatmen, lumberjacks, campers, hunters and anyone who has chores to do. It provides warmth and mobility while protecting your under clothes from the rigors of an active outdoor life. A Patagonia puffer coat is great for keeping you warm, but will get shredded quickly when ducking barbed-wire fences or stacking logs. Throw the MTN Man vest over top and you are ready to "get 'er done."

The MTN Man Trapper Vest is constructed of the finest materials for a lifetime of service. The 7 oz USA-made, waxed cotton has been the standard for durability and water-resistance for over 100 years. The vest features an oversized, durable zipper that can be operated with your gloves on. It has oversized, wool-lined hand-warmer pockets big enough to hold your Kinko's (work gloves). The snapped chest-pocket is big enough to hold your IPhone, 'cause even some cowboys do the "FaceSnap" or whatever it's called. The beaver-fur lining is the best thing ever. Is it the premium high-performance material for warmth? Does it speak to your primal caveman instincts? Is it fricking luxurious? Yes, yes, and yes.

The beaver pelts come from the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Beaver populations have had a tremendous recovery since the trapping days of the 1800's, and in some situations, actually need to be culled in order to preserve balance in local ecosystems. We use furs from sustainably harvested animals that have been trapped because they are damming up waterways inappropriately or blocking irrigation ditches on ranches. As our trapper friends like to say: "we've got a lot more beavers than trappers."

Our beaver fur is always sustainably harvested with consideration for the local population and needs of the larger ecosystem.

The Birth of Mtn Man Luxe

Many folks don't know that Jackson Hole is the wealthiest county in the United States. Lots of millionaires move to Jackson because they want to be Mountain Men when they grow up too. So it ain't Aspen. Folks don't drive fancy cars or wear flashy clothes. Our MTN Man Trapper Vest is in keeping with that tradition. It is rough and ready on the outside so a fella can drink a PBR at the Stagecoach Bar without being accused of being a dandy. But on the inside you know you're wearing the finest in performance and style.


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