Mortar & Pestle- A2

Form Meets Function.
Inspired by the volcanic rock metates and molcajetes seen in the museums and galleries of Mexico City, we have crafted our Rocky Mountain mortar and pestle version of these ancient kitchen tools. Mortars and pestles have been used to prepare food for tens of thousands of years. Typically used to crush spices into powders, herbs into paste, and grains into flour, this one-of-a-kind piece was hand-crafted by our talented artisans for kitchen use or aesthetic display.

Our head of production, Erin Hemmings, has crafted this remarkable original piece to highlight the use of natural materials in the kitchen. Crafted from solid granite, the shape of this Mortar & Pestle showcases the stunning natural beauty in the rock.

This piece is part of our commitment to "functional art." Our makers work with river stones, wood and metal to produce this stunning and practical vessel, while transforming the kitchen into an aesthetic space. 



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