Mini Mini Set Mgx

The Mini-Mini set: Good things come in small packages.
The Mini-Chopper and Mini-Paring knives are very unique. These knives are designed to round out one's knife set. Perfect for cutting cheese or chopping basil, the Mini Chopper has a mini santoku design.  As for the Mini Paring, deveining shrimp, detailed trimming, or decorating pastries has never been easier.

The Mini-Chopper: paring precision plus cutting board power.
Are these paring knives on steroids or chef knives with an inferiority complex? The Mini Chopper is a beautiful little workhorse that is small enough to hold in the hand for precision paring jobs but holds its own on the cutting board chopping vegetables and slicing chicken breasts. Yes!
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The Mini Paring: A kitchen scalpel. 
This small chef knife works large miracles on delicate jobs. Ideal for hand held work, the extra small blade and ample handle master the nitty gritty of fine details. Great for coring, peeling and decorative work on fruits and vegetables, as well as all the subtle touches in fine recipes.
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