Mike Clark Jr. #3 Custom Hunter W/ Ringed Gidgee Handle, 4 5/8'' Blade

Custom Hunter from Mike Clark Jr.

Handle: Ringed Gidgee wood

A message from the maker:

"In everything I did I needed a knife so I was always looking for a better one. One day at the fair next to our goat 4-H building was all the old farm equipment and a small blacksmith shop he made hooks, leaves and other small things and on the workbench he had a some knives he made. I thought blacksmithing looked fun and I could make all the knives I wanted so I started getting books about blacksmithing and looking for tools. There was very little information on knife making but I eventually found a few good books. I found a nice 120 lb anvil for $120 (looking back was a great deal) and Dad helped me get a nice coal forge so at the age of 12 I made my first knife and started learning things the hard way. I was always looking to learn more and make better knives and I found some good books that helped. Then I became interested in gunsmithing and took some really good courses and started buying old guns to fix. I wanted to start a gunsmithing business but after looking in to it cost to much to set up shop and when I met my lovely wife I found I have more passion for making knives. I found and joined the American Bladesmithing Society and started to build my custom knife business. In April of 2017 passed my American Bladesmithing society journeyman smith performance test and am now working on my 5 presentation knives to get my journeyman smith rating."

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