Mauna Loa 5pc Chef

Artisan Knife Block Design Notes
Harvested directly from the local Snake River, these stones are all quartz based variations of granite. Each rock is chosen by hand and then cut using an 18" diamond saw that Erin Hemmings, New West KnifeWorks' Head of Production, conceived and built specifically to create our unique Rock Blocks. In this process the saw uses gravity to lower a swing arm into the stone while the stone is rotated. Through much research, we have found no similar saw or process in existence - nor knife blocks that exhibit such power and beauty.

MaterialsGranite, Walnut, and Lava Resin

This Rock block is specifically designed to hold 5 New West KnifeWorks chef knives. All knives are resting in fitted wooden slots.

Set includes: Paring, Mini-Chopper, Chopper, Deli, and Teton Edge Santoku. 

Height: 9"

Width (across face): 12.25"

Depth: 7"

Height with knife out: 14.5"

About G-Fusion Knives

Functional Art:  "As beautiful as it is useful." NY Times

New West Knifeworks takes tradition to the cutting edge. By fusing the best of traditional knife making with the latest innovations, we make time-tested, precision instruments that are as beautiful as they are useful.

G-Fusion combines the advanced metallurgy of "powder metal" steel with visually striking, indestructible and ergonomic handles. The result is a fusion of form and function Bon Appetit Magazine described as "the perfect balance of power and grace." 

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