LionSteel TS-1VS - TiSpine Shiny Blue

Beauty and innovation meet.

LionSteel is one of the most innovative knifemakers in the world. Their high-concept designs are married with revolutionary technology to create superb knives with beautiful lines, superb fit and finish, and hard-wearing function. Central to their innovations is their SOLID Knife technology. Utilizing a unique 4-directional CNC machining process, LionSteel is able to produce monoblock handled knives --- that is, the handle is one single piece. No pins or screws holding it together. Just a single solid piece that incorporates the frame lock as well. You can feel the strength of the knife as soon as you pick it up.

The TS-1 TiSpine is one of LionSteel's best SOLID Knife designs. Its monoblock titanium handle is slim in the hand and the ribbed pattern provides elegant looks and comfortable grip. It is really an ideal every day carry knife for anyone looking for an attractive knife that doesn't take up much room in the pocket. You'll be amazed at how neatly and tightly the TiSpine locks up. This particular model features a stainless steel Damascus blade by world-reknowned forger Chad Nichols in Rain Drop pattern.

There are very few knives out there that catch everyone's eye and elicit a "Wow" each time it is picked up. A LionSteel is one of them --- beauty, quality, and function all in one.

Overall length : 7.68"
Blade length : 3.35"
Blade thickness : 0.14"
Net weight : 3.53 oz
Handle : 6AL4V Titanium
Blade steel : Elmax 59-60 HRC

Made in Maniago, Italy

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