Limited Edition: 9" Gyuto

Limited Edition: 9” Gyuto
New West knifemakers have crafted just 59 of these knives, with each one engraved with its production number. The 9" Gyuto chef knife offers an artful blend of Japanese tradition and modern craftsmanship. With a versatile blade shape and single bevel edge, it's an essential tool for both professionals and cooking enthusiasts. Gyuto, meaning "beef knife," goes beyond its literal translation, excelling at precise chopping, shaving, and dicing of vegetables and proteins. Embrace the heritage of Japanese knife-making with the highest-quality American materials and techniques.

Handle: Ironwood with G-Fusion Liner
The Gyuto knife boasts an elegant Ironwood handle with a black G-Fusion liner, blending rich grain patterns and warm colors with sleek durability for a balanced, in-hand feel that sets it apart. The flattened facets enhance grip and prevent rotation, providing precise control and accuracy during use.

Blade Enhanced with Inspired Wave Etch
Our Gyuto Knife features a deep etch inspired by "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," an iconic Japanese artwork. This etch replaces the concave face of a traditional Gyuto, allowing food to release easily as you cut. The wave etch is emblematic of the way we embrace innovation and adaptation, a celebration of the profound influence of Japanese culture on Western art and knifemaking. READ MORE

Knife Specs:
Blade length    8.75 inches
Overall length    14.5 inches
Max blade width    1.875 inches
Tang thickness    .115 inches
Spine thickness    0.095 inches
Blade edge thickness    0.020 inches
Weight   6.9 ounces
Steel type    Crucible CPM S35VN Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel HRC 59-60

Knife Care:
This knife is constructed from the highest performance American-made materials. Crafted by skilled makers in the Teton Range, this knife will provide a lifetime of service if cared for with a few simple practices:

  • Wash and dry the blade by hand. Please don’t wash in the dishwasher.
  • On a weekly or monthly basis, applying a light coat of mineral oil to this knife when dry will extend its beauty and vibrance.
  • Avoid prying or cutting into very hard surfaces such as metal or bone.
  • Keep your knife sharp. A sharp knife is a safe knife.
  • Your knife may be returned for a full tune up, free of charge at any time.

Limited Edition: Lifetime Guarantee
We only made 59 Gyutos and expect these gorgeous blades to sell quickly. The knives will sell in order of production, starting with 01/59 until 59/59 is gone. Like all NWKW knives, these come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your knife’s performance or appearance, it may be returned for store credit.

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