Ka-Bar - Becker Combat Bowie - BK9

I'll be your huckleberry.

Tired of beating cheap, poorly-made knives to pieces? Only want to carry one blade into the woods? Want to hack and chop and slice everything and never have to think twice if your knife can take it? Then this massive knife is your huckleberry. The BK9 Combat Bowie is a bushcraft, survival, and camp knife masterpiece from well-known knife designer Ethan Becker. The BK9 is made from 1095 CroVan, a high-carbon tool steel toughened with chromium and vanadium for exceptional resistance to nicking and chipping. It keeps its edge and it takes one well, too, always a nice feature way out in the wilderness. The edge is sharp and fine, but the back of the blade is thick enough so you can baton trees (just like its little brother, the BK2). Throw it in your pack, in your saddlebag, or in the back of your truck. Give it a few scars, it won't care. It'll always be yours.

Weight: 1.05 lb

Blade Length: 9.25"

Overall Length: 14.75"

Blade Thickness: 0.188

HRC: 56-58

Steel: 1095 CroVan

Made in the USA