“The Cadillac of its kind.”

- The Wall Street Journal

“ As beautiful as it is useful.”

- New York Times

“Makes me feel like I can achieve anything.”

- Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

“My best friend in the kitchen.”

- Hunter Lewis, Cooking Light

“Razor sharp and gorgeous.”

- Forbes

“Knife Art”

- Fine Cooking

Grill Master Set

The Grill Master Set 
A grill master needs no introduction, they have a certain swagger, a twinkle in their eye, let folks know you mean business, get set up proper with The Grill Master Set.

Outdoor cooking is a favorite pastime in Jackson WY, maybe because the season is short and sweet, maybe because food just tastes better when it's cooked over an open flame, maybe because dad wont let us throw tomahawks in the house ... Whatever you are grilling up, elk steak, burgers, pineapple ... we approve. So get out there, crack a cold one, don your favorite Hawaiian print shirt, and use the best tools (and toys) to grill up a feast.

S7 Tool Steel Tomahawk: The Ultimate Thrower 2.0
Each Throwing Hawk is cast from American S7 tool steel. Heat treated to increase this steel's already excellent impact and shock resistance you'll typically find S7 in bull riveters and concrete breakers - this tomahawk can take all you've got. Hand polished sharpened and assembled in Victor, Idaho, our tomahawks also make great pack-axes or champange sabres. The handle is tung-oiled American hickory.  Learn more about the S7 Tomahawk.

The Teton-Edge Santoku
This Japanese-style blade takes its name from the "three virtues" of slicing, dicing, and mincing. An all-purpose chef knife, the santoku features a generous width for easy scooping while the moderate length and ergonomic design make it extremely agile on the cutting board. Learn more about the Teton Edge Santoku 

G-Fusion Turner Spatula
Our G-Fusion Turner is simple, functional, extremely durable, and 100% Made in America. It has enough flex to handle more delicate foods, and a full tang to handle the massive burger in the cast iron. Fear not pancake, this spatula is meant to last. Learn more about the Turner Spatula.

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