"Firefly" Limited Edition Glory Folder

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Limited edition release. 

Light up your life with the Firefly. This limited edition tool features our most popular orange and yellow G-Fusion layers with a phenolic spacer that glows in the dark -  this our most unique G-Fusion creation to date. The Firefly Glory Folder features a handsome blackwashed and stone tumbled blade. We only made 15! Catch your Firefly before it's gone. 

This elegant EDC (Everyday carry) folder is a treasure that has the bones to be put to hard use when things get “Western”.  Whether you are cutting baling twine, stripping wire or opening boxes from Amazon, the pocketknife is an essential tool for everyone.  We spent seven years developing this beautiful tool and are proud to say the Glory Folder is best in its class.  Like all New West KnifeWorks products, The Glory Folder combines elegant design with state-of-the-art performance and functionality.   

Elite steel + cutting edge design.

The Glory Folder is chock full of features that make it unique and built to get’er done in any condition.  The edge-holding, toughness and stain resistance of the CPM S35VN steel blade is unparalleled. The titanium frame and clip make it lightweight and bombproof.  The flipper opening is designed for one-handed deployment.  G10, carbon fiber adds elegance without sacrificing performance.

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