Elk Mount - 7x7

This is the largest elk mount you have ever seen. With a Boone and Crockett score of 434.5 (the world record is 442) this thing is massive. In Jackson Hole, shooting a 6 x 6 elk is a big deal. The numbers refer to the number of points on the horns on each side. This beast is a 9 x 10.

There is no more iconic symbol of western intereior design than the elk mount. This trophy is the perfect addition to a custom log home in the mountains. If you own a bar with tall ceilings and folks like to drink whiskey there, this would be an excellent addition to your establishment.

The horns can be removed for shipping or transport. Crating and shipping available.

This elk is larger than any you will find in Jackson Hole, WY. It was harvested from a 10,000 acre "high fence" hunting ranch in central Idaho.

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