Council Tool Double Bit Saddle Axe - 16''

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The Outfitter's Dream Axe

Here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we are at ground zero for some of the best elk hunting in North America. To get at these majestic creatures takes sweat, determination, and often long pack trips into the backcountry. Outfitters and individual hunters on horseback often encounter downed trees blocking the trail and sometimes a pack saw just won't cut it. Enter the Council Tool Double-Bit Saddle Axe. This American-made beauty from the piney woods of eastern North Carolina has two bits: one with a shallow angle for felling, one with a wider angle for limbing and splitting. Each bit has a flat grind, which is easy to maintain with just a pocket stone. The 16" handle keeps the length of the axe down, making it very practical to strapping to a saddle. Also excellent for backpacking. You will keep your campsite well-stocked with logs for the fire with this axe. Includes a leather sheath.

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