Don Bell Hunter

Custom Hunter from Don Bell

Handle: Cocobolo

A message from the maker:

"My name is Don Bell, I live in the mountains of western Montana. A small town, known as Lincoln, 18 miles west of the continental divide (where the Unabomber lived , I knew and spoke to him), not to be confused with Nebraska.

I found an early fascination for knives, (the oldest known tool to man.) At 16, I started a forty year career cutting meat. I butchered
beef, hogs and sheep for all the local ranchers, as well as processed 20 - 30 thousand pounds of deer and elk each fall.

After 40 plus years of having a knife in my hand, I know how to use a knife, know what they should do and how they should feel.

When you introduce art and beautiful material into the knife building equation, you have the one of a kind, "Handmade Knife."

Useable art, man jewelry, a beautiful tool. Damascus is a large part of my fascination. Forge welding steel at 2300 degree's (steel melts at approx. 2900 degree's) to form a superior blade is very rewarding. Most of my blades have between 200 and 300 layers of steel in each blade. Carbon steel alloyed together by forge welding, to create a visually stunning and useable knife. Paired up with 12,000 to 15,000 yr old mammoth ivory, pearl or exotic wood really makes a one of a kind "Handmade Knife"

Thank you for looking, Don"

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