Don Bell Mosaic Damascus Hunter

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Mosaic Damascus Hunter from Don Bell

Handle: Ironwood

A message from the maker: 

"The knifemaking bug bit Don Bell in 1999 when an employee brought in a knife by Mastersmith Rick Dunkerley. Don and Rick both live in the same small town in Montana and Don was immediately fascinated by the idea of a handmade knife.  He says “…using a well made knife should be like wearing a ring on your hand - the knife becomes an extension of the user, and ceases to be a “tool”. 

Don credits Rick with his start in the knifemaking world – it was when he accepted an invitation to Rick’s shop that he got his grounding in the basics of making knives. Don has a fierce curiosity about the world and enjoys learning new things, and knifemaking provides him with continual challenges. Ed Schempp had given him a piece of damascus which Don used to make his first three knives. The additional materials and instruction were given by Rick Dunkerley. He comments that “it’s amazing how much you can learn, just by listening to someone who has a lot of talent. I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to that!”"

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