Mike Deibert- Spalted Maple 9" Chef

Blade: 1080/15N20 Bold Feather Damascus
Handle: Spalted Maple
Overall length- 14.75"
Blade length- 9.5"
Blade height at choil- 2"

Includes protective zippered pouch.

The forge has always held a mysterious aura that seems to invite me to be creatively dangerous. Making a decorative object gives me great satisfaction, but making a tool from carbon steel makes me feel like a true craftsman. Combining wood, brass, steel and metallurgy gives me great joy and there are few things that satisfy me more than the feel of a freshly finished knife in my hand and the steady pace at which it glides through a fallen branch.  

-Mike Deibert, champion of History Channel's "Forged in Fire," Season 5

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