RIP Knives - Custom 8" Bunka Chef Knife

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Los Angeles born artist and knife maker Danny Yard began his knife journey in 2002. Starting with a welder and a pile of steel and wood scraps he quickly turned ideas into reality making anything from sculptures to furniture.

After many years of drive and determination to learn everything about blending steel and wood into visually stunning yet functional art, eventually, his interests morphed into making knives. Starting with the most basic bushcraft style knife, Danny learned to make tactical blades, fighters, every-day-carry, even the most challenging folding knives. None of those knives satisfied his artistic needs like making a curvy, provocative, radical, exotic, multi-textured, yet fully functional food prepping tool.

Danny's chef knives are hard to look away from and feel like anarchy in the hand. They are made with a mindset of being impossible to replicate by anyone but its creator. Using stainless, high carbon, San Mai, and Damascus steels along with unique wood handles, there isn't a culinary territory not covered.

Steel: Vegas Forge "Web" Stainless Damascus(440C)

Handle: Black Dyed Buckeye Burl/Red Swirl Hybrid, Carbon Fiber/ White G-10 bolster 

Overall length - 15"

Blade length - 8 1/2"

Blade height at choil - 2"

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