Clearwater River Resin Knife Magnet 15"

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Erin Hemmings's Artisan Knife Magnets: Clearwater River
Raw Materials: Cherry wood & Clear EcoPoxy Resin

*The resin is clear, not white. A white backdrop was used to obtain the photos. Clear resin on this piece reveals a very interesting live wood edge when viewed up close.*

 Erin has mastered the art of mixed media with these magnets. Combining rich, natural wood grain and the vibrancy of cast EcoPoxy resin, these knife magnets provide a natural look and feel to your kitchen. This one-of-a-kind magnet can securely hold up to 6 knives on the super strong magnets encased within.

Length: 14 3/4"
Height: 5 1/2"

Knives Shown: 8" Chef Knife in Desert Ironwood & 3" Paring Knife in Desert Ironwood

The Process from the Artist:
Hardwood branches are first cut laterally to allow powerful neodymium magnets to be inset at a precise depth. The wood and magnets are then set in a mold and cast with EcoPoxy resin. After the resin has been set over several days, the entire piece is then meticulously sanded and hand-finished to create a satiny-smooth finish. The process required to make each magnet was designed, invented, and built at the New West KnifeWorks production shop in Victor, ID.

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