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Practical art for the kitchen counter.
This award-winning block is more than a knife set, it is a set of precision tools for the culinary artist. Hand-crafted hardwood provides an apt setting for the elite kitchen knives described by Bon Appetit as “the perfect balance of power and grace.” The set includes the Superbread, Teton Edge Santoku, Chopper, Petty Knife, Mini Chopper, Paring and Mini Paring knives. 

Desert Ironwood

**Please note: this is a natural material and each handle will have unique grain patterns**

As the first major addition to our chef knife collection since switching to G10 handles for our "G-Fusion" line, New West KnifeWorks is proud to offer our line of Desert Ironwood S35VN chef knives. After months of testing various hardwoods and laminate woods for durability, water resistance, and overall look and feel, the richly textured desert ironwood rose to the top.

Because desert ironwood grows in such water-depleted environments, its grain structure is incredibly dense (so dense that it sinks in water), which leads it to have incredible strength and durability. In fact - this wood is so hard that it takes more material and time for our production team to get the scales shaped into New West' smooth and ergonomic knife handles.

To care for this material, we recommend avoiding harsh soaps or solvents on the handle (a little dish soap now and then is fine). The deep colors and rich shine quickly come back to life with a bit of mineral oil applied with a rag. No lacquer or sealant is applied to the ironwood, so it will readily absorb the oil and look shiny and new all over again.

The Block

New West knife blocks are a custom, juried-art show award-winning design, receiving "Best of Show" at the prestigious Indian Wells Arts Show. Made from sustainable, plantation-grown, tropical hardwoods, each is handcrafted in Costa Rica on lands reclaimed from slash and burn cattle ranching. Replanted with over 70 species of tropical hardwoods these plantations help protect the existing primary rainforest and have the highest levels of sustainability certification.

Mango Wood has quickly become a favorite alternative for fine furniture and instrument makers. Staining and sanding amplify the myriad colors and diverse grain structure of the wood.

Named for its characteristic stripes, Tigerwood has long been favored for adding exotic allure to architectural projects and cabinetry. It has excellent stiffness, fine grain structure, and durability. This, combined with its high contrast wood grain makes for long-lasting beauty in the kitchen.

Monkey Pod, a favorite for making fine furniture and musical instruments. Naturally resistant to moisture, the wood has a deep and contrasting grain pattern which takes on an attractive finish.

Multi-Hued Cocobolo, the "King" of tropical hardwoods, renowned for its beauty and durability. The striking multihued appearance comes from combining light colored sapwood with the darker heartwood.

"King of Kings" - pure King Cocobolo heartwood hand selected for the highest figure and beauty. Cocobolo's durability combined with its unique beauty make it the perfect material to boldly display a set of gorgeous knives in the sometimes harsh elements of a working kitchen.

For centuries, Teak has been coveted as an ideal wood for shipbuilding, its natural oils make it one of the most weather-resistant woods available. This durability combined with its unique beauty make it the perfect material to boldly display a set of gorgeous knives in the sometimes harsh elements of a working kitchen.

What our Friends are Saying:

Forbes Life ,"New West makes "kitchen jewelry," really beautiful knives....but are practical as they are good looking, combining cutting edge technology with craftsmanship."

Featured in NPR's Weekend Market Place: Things That Last. (Listen to the PodCast) 

Elle Decor, Kitchen Tool Box Feature. "Looking Sharp."

Knives included in this set, top to bottom:

  • 9" Superbread
  • 7" Teton Edge Santoku
  • 5" Chopper
  • 6" Petty Utility
  • 3" Mini Chopper
  • 3" Paring
  • 2" Mini Paring

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