Brown Bison Hide Leather Magnet Bar

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Erin Hemmings's Leather Knife Magnets
Raw Materials: Walnut & Bison Leather

Erin has mastered the art of mixed media with these magnets. Combining rich, natural wood grain and full-grain leather, these knife magnets provide a natural look and feel to your kitchen while protecting the edge of your knives. This magnet can securely hold up to 7 knives on the super strong magnets encased within.

Length: 16.5"
Width: 2.5"

Process from our makers:

We start by cutting pieces of Walnut to length. We then drill inlay holes for magnets and adhere the magnets with a very strong glue. Next we cut strips of leather perfectly square to the wood and glue the leather over the magnets. The final step is to add attachment components to the back. We have two varieties of these- most of the in-store ones have removable circular magnets that can be drilled into the wall. We also offer magnets with 3M tape that doesn't require drilling (especially nice for tile mounts).

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