BR-1.51 "Whiskers" - Tuxedo w/Stonewash Blade

"Try and open this knife."

We have a little game at MTN MAN Toy Shop: see who can open a Pro-Tech BR-1 Whiskers on the first try. Nine out of ten people can't. That's because there's a hidden release. Slide the bolster scale clockwise with your thumb and the 154CM blade fires open with an amazing snap. The sliding bolster scale also unlocks the blade so you can close the knife. Almost nobody suspects this is an automatic knife first time they see it, which is great if you're around people who are squeamish about "switchblades." The rest of the knife is classic Pro-Tech: CNC machined T6 6061 aircraft aluminum handle and a coil spring for the opening. This elegant Tuxedo edition Whiskers has an ivory Micarta inlay on the handle, making it a very good looking knife. This is the ultimate cigar cutter for your next black tie event.

Blade Length: 3.1"

Handle Length: 4"

Overall Length: 7.1"


Made in the USA

*** DISCLAIMER: This is an automatic knife, often known as a "switchblade." Automatic knives are regulated in some states, and are regulated in interstate commerce by Federal Law under 15 U.S.C. § 1241-1245. It is your responsibility to know and obey federal, state, and local knife laws. New West KnifeWorks/MTN MAN Toy Shop offers no legal advice as to the purchase or ownership of automatic knives. For more information on federal laws on this subject, see: for state laws: