Arik Miller/NWKW - Custom 8" Damascus Chef Knife #004

Blade: 1084/15N20 Damascus 
Handle: Rosewood w/ Brass Bolster
Overall length: 13.75"
Blade length: 8.5"
Blade height at choil: 1.75"

Artist Bio:

19 year old Arik Miler grew up in Haines, Alaska, population 2,500. He first made knives at 12 years old with a couple pieces of scrap aluminum and some paracord. These first knives wouldn’t cut much, but it was his first step into the world of knife making, and he was immediately hooked. With help from his Dad, they gathered scrap spring steel from cars, made a forge powered by a weed burner souped up with a hairdryer, got our hammers and pliers and started banging steel. 

Over the span of the next 5 years he traveled back and forth to Sweden three times and took axe making classes under master smith, Friedrich Thelin. With the hook set on forging and knifemaking he and his dad built out a proper shop. He began mass producing railroad spike knives and selling them at local markets before progressing further and learning how to make damascus, and soon began taking on custom orders.

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