Solid Steel Foster 7" Ironwood Handle

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Blade Length: 7"

Overall Length: 14"

Max Blade Width: 6"

Upstanding Craftsmanship in Upstate New York

Made by Foster Bros. of Fulton, NY, this piece is a glimpse into American history. Restored by our makers with a new, handsome desert ironwood handle. Stamped with a solid steel arrow maker's mark, this piece is ready to annihilate anything on the cutting board. 

Living Americana: Practical Artifacts from the Golden Age of Steel

At New West KnifeWorks, we cherish the tradition of knife-making even as we forge new paths of innovation. Our refurbished cleavers come from an era where extraordinary steel was extremely cheap. To make cleavers of this mass and quality of steel today would be prohibitively expensive to produce from scratch. But our makers search out these diamonds in the rough at old antique shows, flea markets or grandma’s garage, refurbishing the blades and handles to give them a new, improved life for the 21st Century.

Read more about our cleaver restoration process.
Antique Cleaver Restoration New West KnifeWorks
In the Press

"Next Level.” Bloomberg
"Knife Art." Fine Cooking
"America’s Best." Cooking Light

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