Antique Cleaver - Ironwood 8''

Blade Length: 8.125"

Overall Length: 16"

Max Blade Width: 5.75"

Anonymous Masterpiece
Whoever made this powerhouse knew their knives. This cleaver was shaped by someone who knew how to use it in an era when things were built to last. The effort and skill of the hammer blows are etched into the blade, stretching across time. Have you spent a lifetime struggling to chop meat and vegetables? Say no more. Just raise this beast into the air and your ingredients will begin to separate on their own in solemn reverence.  A dark patina offers a distinct contrast on the blade, and a fresh Desert Ironwood handle will last another lifetime on this tool.

Living Americana: Practical Artifacts from the Golden Age of Steel
At New West KnifeWorks, we value the ancient tradition of knife-making even as we forge new paths of innovative glory. Our refurbished cleavers come from an era where extraordinary steel was extremely cheap. To make cleavers of this mass of quality steel today would be prohibitively expensive to produce. But our makers search out these diamonds in the rough at old antique shows, flea markets or grandma’s garage, refurbishing the blades and handles to give them new life in the 21st Century.  

In the Press

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