Anaconda 7pc Chef

Anaconda 7pc Chef

Form Meets Function

Mixed media rock blocks are the culmination of our commitment to "functional art." Our makers work with river stones, wood, and resin to produce a stunning and practical vessel that keeps knives conveniently at hand while transforming the kitchen into an aesthetic space

G-Fusion: America's Best
The G-Fusion chef knives are made with the highest performing knife steel on the market-- S35VN "powder metal" steel. This high carbon, alloyed steel has it all: elite sharpness, toughness, edge-holding, stain resistance, and sharpenability. G-Fusion knives are made in the USA with American steel and backed by a lifetime guarantee.
G-Fusion handles are made with G10: an aerospace-grade, fiberglass epoxy composite material that is virtually bomb-proof. New West developed the unique G10 color palette as an homage to the vibrant fauna and landscape of the American West.
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Made with Speckled Granite, Gold Mica, Maple and Green Resin. 

The set includes the Superbread, 8" Chef, Teton Edge Santoku, Deli, Petty, Chopper, and Paring in the G-Fusion colors of your choosing.
Block height: 10.5"
Block width: 13.25"
Block depth: 4"
Clearance height needed to remove knives: 19.5"
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