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Turn your kitchen counter into a gallery to display this piece of "Knife Art" (Fine Cooking). This design won Best of Show at the Indian Wells Arts Show. The beautiful block holds 7 knives and fits a full complement of New West chef knives. The Super Bread or 9" Chef, 8" Chef or Santoku, Chopper, Petty or Deli, Mini Chopper, Paring and Mini Paring knives.

Made from sustainable, plantation-grown, tropical hardwoods, each is handcrafted in Costa Rica on lands reclaimed from slash and burn cattle ranching. Replanted with over 70 species of tropical hardwoods these plantations help protect the existing primary rain forest and have the highest levels of sustainability certification.

Named for its characteristic stripes, Tigerwood has long been favored for adding exotic allure to architectural projects and cabinetry. It has excellent stiffness, fine grain structure, and durability. This, combined with its high contrast wood grain makes for long-lasting beauty in the kitchen.

Multi-Hued Cocobolo, the "King" of tropical hardwoods, renowned for its beauty and durability. The striking multi-hued appearance comes from combining light-colored sapwood with the darker heartwood.

"King of Kings" - pure King Cocobolo heartwood hand-selected for the highest figure and beauty. Cocobolo's durability combined with its unique beauty makes it the perfect material to boldly display a set of gorgeous knives in the sometimes harsh elements of a working kitchen.


  • Holds 7 knives: 2 Large (up to 9"), 2 Medium (up to 6"), 3 Small (up to 3")
  • Block Dimensions: 11" high x 11.5" wide x 4" deep
  • Height with Knives: 16"
  • Recommended Clearance Height: 25"

What our Friends are Saying:

Forbes Life ,"New West makes "kitchen jewelry," really beautiful knives....but are practical as they are good looking, combining cutting edge technology with craftsmanship."

Featured in NPR's Weekend Market Place: Things That Last. (Listen to the PodCast)

Elle Decor, Kitchen Tool Box Feature. "Looking Sharp."


If you would like to buy the block with the knives included it is available here.

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