“The Cadillac of its kind.”

- The Wall Street Journal

“ As beautiful as it is useful.”

- New York Times

“Makes me feel like I can achieve anything.”

- Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

“My best friend in the kitchen.”

- Hunter Lewis, Cooking Light

“Razor sharp and gorgeous.”

- Forbes

“Knife Art”

- Fine Cooking

Precision Set

The Precision Set: Detail and Accuracy
With this set, we have paired one of our most popular knives with two of our most versatile. From boning to slicing, chopping to paring, these three knives will give any chef the ability to tackle every ingredient they come across. The Petty Utility offers the blade shape common in larger chef knives while the smaller size provides ultimate control. Our Mini-Chopper is shaped to easily chop vegetables and herbs while the streamlined design allows chefs to accomplish precision tasks. Our Mini-Paring is unlike any paring knife on the market today. It allows home chefs to trim and clean fruits and veggies while also giving them the ability to produce stunning, restaurant-quality platings.

The Petty: a perfect balance of power and grace.
Conventional wisdom says you need two knives in the kitchen: a paring knife and a chef knife. The Petty challenges that notion by handling both roles with "the perfect balance of power and grace (Bon Appetit)." Excelling at peeling, paring, boning, carving and other delicate work for vegetables, fruits, and herbs, the Petty also takes on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a larger chef knife. 
Learn more about the Petty

The Mini-Chopper: paring precision plus cutting board power.
Are these paring knives on steroids or chef knives with an inferiority complex? The Mini Chopper
is a beautiful little workhorse that is small enough to hold in the hand for precision paring jobs but holds its own on the cutting board chopping vegetables and slicing chicken breasts. Learn more about the Mini Chopper

The Mini Paring: A kitchen scalpel.
This small chef knife works large miracles on delicate jobs. Ideal for handheld work, the extra small blade and ample handle master the nitty-gritty of fine details. Great for coring, peeling, and decorative work on fruits and vegetables, as well as all the subtle touches in fine recipes. Learn more about the Mini Paring

Each chef knife comes in an embossed leather sheath.




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