“The Cadillac of its kind.”

- The Wall Street Journal

“ As beautiful as it is useful.”

- New York Times

“Makes me feel like I can achieve anything.”

- Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

“My best friend in the kitchen.”

- Hunter Lewis, Cooking Light

“Razor sharp and gorgeous.”

- Forbes

“Knife Art”

- Fine Cooking

3pc Essential Set Ironwood

Slice it, dice it, flip it. The essential set includes the three essential kitchen tools you will use everyday in every way. 

The "Light-Speed" 8" Chef Knife
For folks who find a traditional 8-inch chef cumbersome or intimidating, the graceful blade shape, tapered tang, and super-thin blade grind turn this precision instrument into an extension of your hand. Learn more about the 8" Chef

"America's Best" paring knife
A recent comparison by Cooking Light's test kitchen called this beauty "America's Best" paring knife. Don't be fooled, this wasn't a beauty pageant, it was a cutting board obstacle course focused on finding the champion in a variety of jobs- peeling, coring, mincing, pitting- that the ironwood paring knife looks good getting the job done is just icing on the cake. Learn more about the Paring

Fish Flipper Extraordinaire
For those who enjoy cooking seafood, the dreaded "flipping" of the fish can foil the finest fillet. Long, thin, and extremely flexible, our slotted spatula will have you flipping like a pro whether it's delicate fillets, whole fish, or your own Maryland crab cakes. Learn more about the Slotted Fish Spatula


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