2pc Power & Grace Set.

Inspired by our conversations with Grace Young, who has been lauded as the "poet laureate of the wok", we've created a set of simple, masterful tools for mastering the art of the stir fry. The Santoku handles slicing and dicing fresh veggies and meats with aplomb while the mini-chopper minces garlic and ginger with precision.  

Teton-Edge Santoku
This Japanese style blade takes its name from the "three virtues" of slicing, dicing and mincing. An all purpose chef knife, the santoku features a generous width for easy scooping while the moderate length and ergonomic design make it extremely agile on the cutting board. 
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The Mini-Chopper: paring precision plus cutting board power.
Are these paring knives on steroids or chef knives with an inferiority complex? The Mini Chopper is a beautiful little workhorse that is small enough to hold in the hand for precision paring jobs but holds its own on the cutting board chopping vegetables and slicing chicken breasts. 
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