2pc JH Outdoor Knife Set 2.0

A set for the outdoor enthusiast.
The revival of local farm to table produce and protein has inspired many to get their hands dirty when it comes to providing sustenance. For those who like to find food in their backyard garden, favorite fishing hole, or galloping out in the woods or plains- these knives are field tested by Jackson Hole's most experienced anglers and wranglers.

The Outfitter

Jackson Hole is a premier hunting destination worthy of a superior hunting knife. NWKW has created the ideal backcountry hunting knife with a blade big enough for everything the deep woods of the Snake River Range demands, but compact enough to pack in with ease. Although it is most at home belly deep inside an elk carcass within the Teton Wilderness or skinning a speed goat on the flats of Sublette County, it will also serve you well as a ranch or camp knife.

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Fillet Knife: For the kitchen and field.
S35VN powder metal is the highest performing steel for a fillet knife. Extreme sharpness and toughness combined allow for a thinner, sharper blade that can bend without breaking or losing its shape. The thin blade is seven inches long and has a multi-stepped taper for optimal flex. The geometry of the blade is designed to match the curve of a fish, with length enough for the deep bones of any animal. The long slicing stroke is stabilized by a full tang.

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We are America’s Premier Boutique Knife Manufacturer. Learn Why.

  • G-Fusion: Bringing the greatest handle material and steel together for the world’s best chef knives.
  • 100% Made in America: We are 100% committed to using only American Made steel, materials, and labor for our knives. Great Knives do come from the USA.
  • Superior Steel: No need to look overseas for a great chef knife. Find out why we are better than our competitors.

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