2pc "Best Seller" Knife Set

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Two best sellers in one set.

Time and again, discerning home chefs gravitate towards these two perfectly mid-sized knives. Other knife companies focus solely on huge chef knives and tiny paring knives, but we've found a sweet spot in the middle for those who want big knife capabilities with mid-sized knife agility and control. Both knives function as great cutting board knives- the Chopper makes quick work of dicing veggies, herbs, and onions. The Petty makes all the small to medium sized paring, slicing, and filleting jobs in your kitchen feel effortless. Perfect as a gift, to start your New West collection, or for more portable knives when you're on the go, our Petty Knife and Chopper together as our "Best Seller" Knife Set is sure to make cooking a delight.

The Chopper: A vegetable's nightmare.
This signature knife has been a New West classic since its award winning debut on the fine arts and crafts circuit. While vegetables have nightmares about this chopping champion, you'll have sweet dreams about making salads and salsa. A mid-size knife that makes a large-size impact on the cutting board.
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The Petty: perfect balance of power and grace.
Conventional wisdom says you need two knives in the kitchen: a paring knife and a chef knife. The Petty challenges that notion by handling both roles with "the perfect balance of power and grace (Bon Appetit)." Excelling at peeling, paring, boning, carving and other delicate work for vegetables, fruits, and herbs the PETTY ALSO takes on some of the slicing and dicing jobs of a larger chef knife.
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Each chef knife comes in an embossed leather sheath.

What our Friends are Saying:

Forbes - "Razor sharp and gorgeous"

Bon Appetit "We find ourselves reaching for a petty knife as much as, if not more often than, the beloved chef’s knife."

Food In Jars "It is the knife I'd been hoping for."

Playboy Magazine “This handsome knife from New West KnifeWorks will provide you with a lifetime of perfectly sliced onions.”