Zero Tolerance 0055 GTC KVT Titanium

Unique doesn't even come close.

All of us at MTN MAN Toy Shop like Zero Tolerance knives because of the thought that their world-class designers put into their knives. The ZT 0055 is perhaps the most radical design from them in a long time. The brainchild of Gus Cecchini, the 0055 utilizes a unique SLT flipper tab that hides away when not in use. Pull on it and it works like a two-stage rifle trigger to set, open the knife, and then return to its hidden position. Hiding the flipper tab like this enables you to get a solid grip on the knife very far forward and really increasing your cutting power. The unusual blade shape only adds to that and as it's made of S35VN, it will maintain a very fine, sharp edge for a long time even under heavy use ( trust us, we know a thing or two about S35VN). Finally, you would be surprised how lightweight, comfortable, and well-balanced this knife is despite its size and unusual shape. Be careful picking it up: the SLT flipper system might have you completely addicted.

  • Steel: S35VN, stonewashed finish
  • Handle: Titanium, bead-blasted finish
  • Blade Length: 3.75 in. (9.5 cm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.156 in. (0.396 cm)
  • Closed Length: 5 in. (12.7 cm)
  • Overall Length: 8.75 in. (22.2 cm)
  • Weight: 5 oz. (141.7 g)
  • Made in the USA

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