Machine Technician

Job Title: Human Operator - Utility Player
Reports to: Production Floor Manager
Location: Victor, ID

Hourly compensation commensurate with experience. 
Start immediately.
Location: Victor, ID

To apply, send resume to Brian,

About Us

We are New West KnifeWorks & MTN MAN Toy Shop, a chef and hunting knife company based in Jackson, WY for over 20 years that has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Food & Wine and many more. We make high-performance, 100% American-made knives and last year moved all production to a 10K sqft production shop in Victor, ID.



Job Description:

Does one want to play with sharp objects, big machines, and become part of the most badass knife company in the world?  We have a job for you. New west KnifeWorks is in need for a linchpin employee to operate the machines that create America’s best cutlery.  


      •  2+ years experience around precision and power tools.  
      • Self driven, methodical, and attentive nature to detail
      • A plus: experience is CNC machining and programing.   A passion around building things and working with one’s hands.
      • Strong belief in “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Training will start immediately after hiring.  One will be thrown immediately into the forge of production.

Frequent Tasks: 

Knife Serration Duties

Maintain and clean knife serrating machines

Switch out knives on machines and keep machines busy.

Quality control finished serrations

Keep track of daily totals finished

Knife Etching Duties

Prepare blades for vinyl decals

Apply vinyl decals accurately

Prepare and maintain salt water etching baths

Maintain and repair DC voltage generators and wiring

Clean off etched knives and treat for rust prevention

Keep track of daily totals finished

VG3 Grinding Machine Duties

Learn and understand VG3 machine functionality

Switch out knives for grinding

Quality control blanks before and after processing

Keep track of daily totals finished