Store Manager - Park City

Job Title: Retail Store Manager

Reports to: General Manager

Location: Park City, Utah

General Summary

New West Knifeworks, America’s boutique manufacturer of premium chef knives, seeks a manager for its new retail store in the Park City.  The Store Manager ensures the store provides the highest level of customer service possible. Primary responsibilities include achieving budgeted revenue goals, monitoring expenses, shipping local and online orders, predicting inventory needs and ordering stock. Furthermore, the store manager will facilitate the introduction of the New West Knifeworks brand to the local community AND the many visitors to the Napa Valley. In addition to generating in store sales, the store manager will optimize customer acquisition and leads to help build sales online. New West Knifeworks is all about relationships and a work culture that reflects the values of our brand- experience with food culture, wine, and an appreciation of the “good life” is a plus. Knowledge of the local community is also a must.


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Essential Job Functions

Customer Service

o Instill in your employees the meaning and importance of customer service and expertise of New West Knifeworks products and policies.

o Integrate in-store lead/customer generation with New West Knifeworks digital mailing list, create a system for gathering emails and employee incentives for gathering in store email sign ups.

o Create “seamless customer service” by making every effort to find merchandise for customers if an item is not in stock.

o Be personally available to all customers to communicate and identify their needs and address their questions or concerns.

o Develop presence and relationships in the community. Seek out and develop opportunities for New West Knifeworks to be deeply integrated in the food/wine/fine living culture of Napa Valley. Stay abreast of local festivals, special events, conferences and develop strategies for New West to participate appropriately.

O Collaborate with NWKW on local marketing/PR strategies and methods of tracking ROI on campaigns. 

Budgeting and Planning

o In conjunction with NWKW, review the fiscal revenue, expense and profit goals for the store.

o Ensure that goals will be met through appropriate planning and organizing of staff, inventory, and expenses for short and long term success.

o Develop and monitor the capital expense budget to ensure that the store is properly maintained and upgraded to reflect the high standards of NWKW.

o Maintain expenses measured as a percentage of sales.

o Meet or exceed budgeted margin contribution.

o Make staff aware of sales goals and implement effective incentives to maximize goals.

o Monitor a loss prevention program to protect the company’s inventory and assets.



o Hire people who pursue passions that relate to our products and philosophy.

o Inspire employees so that each person contributes to the productivity of the store.

o Maintain staff levels that allow for the best possible customer service.

o Delegate workload appropriately and effectively.



o Communicate with the General Manager at least once a week via the phone or by written report so that your store and employees are recognized for what it is doing in customer service, events, and local issues.

o Review on a monthly basis, the store’s progress with NWKW.

o Hold twice monthly staff meetings and submit notes to NWKW..

o Maintain open and respectful relations with all divisions of the company.

o Prompt communication with NWKW to maintain inventory levels for the store.

o Ensure that company policy and procedures are communicated in a timely manner and adhered to accordingly.

Leadership, Training and Staff Development

o Maintain employee attitude and morale by recognizing outstanding performance and service.

o Motivate and develop staff in order to encourage their professional development.

o Maintain training standards to ensure both product and systems expertise that will improve store operations and allow for better customer service.

o Provide an “open door” policy where employees are free to express their concerns and feelings without fear of retribution or ill will.


o Manage, organize, and develop local relationships in regards to PR and event planning.

o Develop relationships with culinary professionals and students of Culinary Institute of America. Implement incentives through a “pro program.”

o Maintain high merchandising values that reflect the NWKW image by being creative, educational, inviting and expressive.

o Work in conjunction with the marketing department to develop an advertising or promotional plan that will maximize retail sales for your store.

o Assist the store merchandiser in developing a merchandising plan each season that enhances product presentation, includes signage or POP, and makes that store an easy place to shop.

Legal Compliance

o Ensure that the store is in compliance with all State and Federal employment laws, including:  wage and hour, human rights and equal employment opportunities.

o Maintain safe working conditions for employees and customers.  Resolve safety concerns quickly.

o Ensure store security from internal and external theft and know proper apprehension and prosecution procedures for your state.

Other Job Functions

o Perform additional duties as assigned by General Manager.