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New West KnifeWorks and MTN MAN Toy Shop are always looking for extremely motivated individuals to join our team. From manufacturing to retail, our company has many moving parts. The right candidate for New West and MTN MAN does not necessarily need experience with making knives or selling them. Instead, we value a strong work ethic, amiable personality, and a passion for the good life.

If you are interested in any of the careers listed here, please click the job title to begin your application process. If you don't see anything that fits your talents but are still interested in joining our team, please email "jobs [at] newwestknifeworks.com".

Thank you for your Interest in employment at New West KnifeWorks!


Marketing Coordinator - Victor, ID & Jackson, WY


HR Manager - Victor, ID & Jackson, WY


Research & Development Engineer - Victor, ID

Custom Maker - Victor, ID


Retail Pros - Park City, UT

Retail Pros - St. Helena, CA

Retail Pros - Jackson, WY