Hiring! Executive Assistant - Victor, ID & Jackson, WY



Engagement Agent / Operations & Marketing Assistant - Full Time | Corporate
Location: Victor, ID
Reports to: COO

Base: $50,000
Incentive Package: $2,500 - $5,000

General Summary

NWKWs is setting a new precedent with how our customers experience our products and services.  Where most companies look to outsource or automate the customer experience, NWKW hopes to individualize it.  A human touch must be provided and accessible to customers who want it.  A new Engagement Agent will know the voice and tone to handle each customer situation in alignment with the core values and best practices of New West KnifeWorks. 


Essential Job Functions - Engagement Agent 

  • Answer all Info@ emails and handle all of the following inquires:
    • Donations - implementation, fulfillment and follow up
    • Marketing - Giveaway fulfillment
    • Customer Complaints - Gives discounts in arrears, deals with disgruntled customers, turning them into super fans.  Responds to all personal order and mailing list sign ups when appropriate.
    • General Info
  • Measures, reports, and oversees the email signups in retail locations 


Essential Job Functions - Operations & Marketing Agent

  • Reporting:
    • Monthly Sales Report by channel, source, and custom field
    • Monthly newsletter and email sign ups by channel
    • Spreadsheet support - Updating custom spreadsheets designed by officers or data analyst(s)
  • Company Scribe:
    • Organizes, delivers, and updates all meeting minutes, action items and deliverables for Auxiliaries and Guardians. See Link
  • Bird Dog:
    • NWKW immediate contact to handle or investigate utility disputes or billing questions
    • NWKW immediate contact for Light Speed connection issues, internet issues, etc. 
  • The Transporter
    • Checks all mailboxes in ID and WY
    • Delivers materials to proper outlets and managers
  • Event Manager:
    • Direct contact with COO and Owner about catering inquiries and needs
    • Organizes all outside event deliverables for events (fixtures, F&B, etc.)
  • Office Manager:
    • Order office supplies, equipment, and fixtures for Corporate Offices
    • Schedule cleanings or repairs, maintain printers, common area maintenance, etc.

Email jobs@newwestknifeworks.com with resume attached and cover letter in email body to apply.

Shop Info

Address | 7667 Lupine Lane, Victor ID 83455 

Phone | 877.258.0100