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Photo Credit: Peter Lobozzo 

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If you're planning a wedding, did you know that now you can create a New West KnifeWorks registry? Unlike that blender or set of serving dishes, our kitchen tools - which are 100% made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee and lifetime sharpening - will bring joy to your kitchen for years to come.

Need ideas for what to put on your list? Check out our Gift Guide or the recommendations from our New West Wedding blog post below.  

Top 3 Wedding Registry Must-haves
Start off your new chapter with culinary inspiration.
  1. 7-piece chef knife set and block: Everything you'll need if you love to cook - especially as a team, and a beautiful block to display your new knives.
  2. 3-piece "full house" set: A Paring knife, Santoku, and Deli knife round out a set that gets the job done on the cutting board, for detail work, and for precision slicing.  
  3. Ironwood 6-piece steak knife set: If you're a seeker of "the perfect bite", these ultra-sharp and elegant steak knives are the ultimate set for enjoying meals with family and friends.

Looking for something with a more personal touch? Learn about our custom laser engraving to add that special one-of-a-kind touch. 

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