Fulfillment & Logistics Operative | HQ

Fulfillment and Logistics Operative, Full Time |
Location: Victor, ID
Reports to: Distribution & Fulfillment Manager, Victor Store Manager.

Compensation: Hourly Rate + Sales Commission (Based on Experience)
(For reference only: with commission, hourly pay averages $20-25+/hr depending on the season.)

401K and Incentive compensation packages available.

General Summary

The F&L Operative will be responsible for the satisfying New West KnifeWorks online orders, distributing stock to NWKW retail stores, and processing work orders. This position will also be responsible for direct sales inside our Victor retail outlet. 

The goal of this position is to make sure the wheels of NWKW sales stay greased.

NWKW’s F&L Operative Attributes:

  1. Believes perfection is a destination, not a journey.
  2. Willingness to wear many hats as part of a growing company.
  3. Team player and lifelong learner.
  4. Takes pleasure in making someone’s day.

Essential Job Functions


- With direction, fulfills customer’s orders with attention to detail and within a deadline.

- Properly packs and ships orders with appropriate supplies and materials.

- Submits a weekly restocking list to ensure supplies do not run out.

- Coordinates inter- store inventory transfers and packs them up.

- Receives knives from production and checks them into the inventory system.

Customer Service: 

- Creates shipping labels and assists with packaging and shipping.

- Assists with returns and exchanges, In coordination with other team members. 

- Maintains the Department’s reputation of excellent customer service and attention to detail.


- Maintains company equipment and space including regular cleaning and organizing.

- Provides a friendly and memorable experience for all customers.

- Sells knives and products accurately.

- Communicates effectively with other team members both in person, email and over the phone.

- Answers customer phone call inquiries as well as customer phone sales.

Email Jobs@newwestknifeworks.com with resume attached and cover letter in email body to apply.

Shop Info

Address | 7667 Lupine Lane, Victor ID 83455 

Phone | 208.909.5483