Custom Forge Knife Maker, Victor ID

Custom Forge Knife Maker
Victor, ID

New West KnifeWorks is seeking a highly skilled bladesmith to join our team in Victor, Idaho

If you excel in all stages of knife making including conceptual design, forging steel, shaping handles and working with exotic materials, but need a direct and effective method of selling your works of art, we can offer this opportunity. With full access to our forging studio you will have all the tools and materials needed to produce custom knives at the highest level. Applicants must be able to show finished knives that demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of high end craftsmanship. Bonus points for added skills such as engraving, leatherwork, and damascus forging.

Your custom pieces will have both your logo or name alongside NWKW’s.

About you:

What you’ll do:

Cool stuff you’ll get to use:

Email with resume attached to apply.

Location Info
Victor Factory/Office Address | 7667 Lupine Lane, Victor ID 83455