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Research & Development Engineer - Full Time | Corporate
Location: Victor, ID
Reports to: VP of Production

Base: $55,000
Incentive Package: $10,000 - $15,000

Email jobs@newwestknifeworks.com with resume attached and cover letter in email body to apply.

General Summary

At NWKWs, our people are our most important asset.  We are growing quickly in all directions including the buildout of new retail locations, emerging new products as well and developing new methods and machinery to manufacture our world class cutlery. You will be an immediate contributor to our R&D team.  collaboration to build an efficient development platform and shape the future of this growing company is our first priority. 

NWKWs R&D  Engineer Attributes:

  1. Mechanically inclined with knowledge of how machinery works
  2. Skilled with many tools. Experience with metal working 
  3. Ability to foster an innovative environment and culture
  4. Passion for  creativity
  5. Results driven
  6. Has a subscription to Popular Mechanics
  7. Respects Ambiguity
  8. Cross - Functional Experience in different fields
  10. Willingness to wear many hats as part of a growing organization
  11. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  12. Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information
  13. A self described life-long learner

Essential Job Functions

  • Develop concepts, products, and solutions by coordinating with all business units.
  • Understand customer expectations on to-be-manufactured product.
  • Determine and execute improved technologies used by suppliers, competitors, and customers.
  • Support Director to hire and develop R&D personnel.
  • Establish project goals and priorities by collaborating with Marketing and Operations.
  • Transfer new technologies, products, and manufacturing process into and out of the company.
  • Research, design and evaluate materials, assemblies, processes and equipment.
  • Monitor team metrics and objectives ensuring meeting of goals.
  • Document all phases of research and development.
  • Manage customer relationships and perform RFP Review, Customer Visits, and Product Testing.

Email jobs@newwestknifeworks.com with resume attached and cover letter in email body to apply.

Shop Info

Address | 7667 Lupine Lane, Victor ID 83455 

Phone | 877.258.0100