Sharpening Knives


New West KnifeWorks knives have excellent edge holding capabilities but, like all knives, they will get dull. Please keep them sharp! No matter how good a knife is, it is useless when it is dull. There are many ways to sharpen them.  We recommend you take advantage of our lifetime gaurantee and send them back to New West KnifeWorks to be sharpened free of charge. Or best of all, learn to sharpen them yourself... It's not difficult or expensive. Go for it!

For details on sharpening knives please read How to Sharpen Knives.

If you would like to send your knives to New West KnifeWorks for sharpening, please include a note containing your name, shipping address, and phone number. PLEASE SEND KNIVES IN A BOX AND PACK IT SO THE KNIFE DOES NOT MOVE AROUND. DO NOT SEND IN A PADDED ENVELOPE.

Shipping is very peculiar in the Wild West. So please only use UPS or FedEx.

When shipping via UPS or FED Ex Ship to:

ATTN: Customer Service
New West KnifeWorks
98 N Center St
Jackson, WY 83001