Throwing Tomahawk 1095 - Hickory Handle - NO SHEATH

Chuck it hard. It can take it.

There are few sounds more gratifying then the sound of a tomahawk sinking into a wood crosscut. Our New West thrower was designed to have perfect balance for throwing with bull's eye accuracy. Drinking PBR's and throwing tomahawks at camp or in the backyard is nothing but old fashion fun. The hand forged 1095 construction also makes it a super high performance working hatchet for camping and hunting. The relatively lightweight design of the tomahawk is an ideal addition to any pack. Splitting the pelvis and sternum of large Jackson Hole game like elk, moose and bison in no time at all. The round blade and blunter edge also work great for skinning. No mountain man would have left the rendezvous without one.

Each Throwing Hawk is hand forged from 1095 carbon tool steel. The hand forging process greatly refines the steel's grain structure and increases the blade's edge retention and toughness. Each hawk head is differentially heat treated like samurai swords of old, hardening the edge and toughening the rest of the head to withstand the impacts of throwing and chopping.

Handles are made from tung oiled hickory.

Handmade in Idaho Falls, ID

What our Friends are Saying:
Outside Magazine, " I had been drinking whiskey for a solid 30 minutes before I started throwing the tomahawk ... I wanted to throw that ax again. And again."
Playboy Magazine, "Yell, 'Stay the hell out of my way,' practicing safe axe skills."
Outlaw Magazine, "Everyone can use a tomahawk, and Mountain Man Toy Shop's is the toughest around."

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